Paradigm Consulting is a consulting organization based in UC Berkeley run by student leaders on campus. We are driven by our passion for coming up with creative solutions. Paradigm has worked with some of the most cutting edge companies to solve some of the most unique challenges faced by companies. Our teams engage in semester-long projects that attempt to provide our clients with thoughtful insights and actionable recommendations.


We deliver solutions for a variety of projects such as




Competitive Analysis

Our Advantage

Who We Are

We accept the top 6% of UC Berkeley participants. Our consultants go through a rigorous development process before their first engagement that enables them to think critically and grow professionally. Each team consists of a variety of majors, backgrounds, and interests which combine to offer creative solutions.

How We Can Help

Each project has a team of 4-5 consultants and two project leaders who put in nearly 1,000 hours of total work over the 10-12 week project engagement.
Our consultants are driven by an innate desire to learn and apply skills being taught in class to solve real business problems.

Past Clients

Some places our members have consulted for:

Some places our members have worked:


Our project managers begin the process of searching for a client.

Project managers will discuss your teams’ needs & goals, potential project ideas, and answer any further questions about our services.

Our project managers work with the client to develop a project scope including dates for checkins, midterm and final deliverables.

Our project managers and consultants will dive into exploring recommendations for the 10-12 week engagement. Feedback from clients and work updates will be provided throughout the engagement.

Our consultants will present our final recommendation and maintain the relationship with the client contact.


Please reach out to Anmol Bal or Zaid Jiwani to get in touch with us!